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Benefits of Binaural Hearing (Hearing in Both Ears)

Benefits of Binaural Hearing (Hearing in Both Ears)

Hearing loss in both ears is known as bilateral hearing loss. If you experience bilateral hearing loss, you are more than likely a candidate for wearing two hearing aids.

Many people who could benefit from using two hearing aids only purchase one; they do this because they believe they only need one ear to hear well and because they want to save money. What they don’t know is that, similar to the way refractory issues in eyes require a pair of glasses, bilateral hearing loss should be treated with a set of two hearing aids.

There are many benefits to binaural hearing, which is made possible by treating both ears through the use of hearing aids. Below is a list of the ways binaural hearing can improve your quality of life.

Improved speech comprehension. Research shows that when wearing two hearing aids rather than one, you can more easily focus on conversation by selectively listening to the speaker you’re having a conversation with.

Improved sound localization. This refers to the ability to determine the direction of a sound. Some examples of localization are knowing from which room a person is speaking, from which direction traffic is coming or where in the yard your children are playing.

Improved sound quality. Much like you would purchase a surround sound system for great sound quality in your home, hearing aids provide a “surround sound” experience for real life. Additionally, two devices require a lower volume so there is less sound distortion.

Improved range of hearing. People who wear two hearing aids can hear sounds from much further distances than people who only wear one. A sound barely audible at 10 feet for a single hearing aid wearer can easily be heard 40 feet away by a double hearing aid wearer.

Improved sound discrimination. With just one hearing aid, certain sounds are difficult to distinguish and often blend into background noise. With two hearing aids, the wearer can differentiate important sounds more easily.

Decreased likelihood of hearing deterioration. Research shows that when only one hearing aid is worn, the unaided ear can weaken its ability to hear, much like muscles losing strength when they are not exercised. This is known as the auditory deprivation. Wearing two hearing aids maintains the integrity of your hearing health.